Supla is a Brazilian musician who started his career at a young age, being signed by CBS (Epic) with his band Tokyo. He was awarded a gold record for his recording of the hit song Garota De Berlim, along with his collaborator, punk icon Nina Hagen. Since then, Supla has never slowed down. He has released 8 solo albums, one with his New York based metal punk hard core band Psycho 69, which had the honor of being the opening act for the Ramones on their farewell tour of Brazil. Supla’s next project was the Brothers of Brazil, a duet with his brother on acoustic guitar and Supla on drums. They called their music punkanova a style that was a mix of punk and bossa nova. The brothers signed with SideOneDummy Records and toured extensively, playing at festivals such as: Warped Tour, Bamboozle, Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, along with touring European, and booking several appearances at events in Portugal.

Never satisfied with only one outlet for the music that is constantly running through his head, Supla built a band to back him to specifically perform the harder sound that his longtime fans were asking for.

Supla and his hard rock band play as “Supla,” and have performed on stages that specifically target his long time hard rock fans, whether it’s on television, rocking a favela, or jetting into the USA for The Rebellion Festival or It’s Not Dead Festival (San Bernadino, CA).

In addition to being an accomplished musician, Supla has also authored his life story in “Cronicas E Fotos Do Charada Brasileiro” (The Chronicles of the Brazilian Riddler). After his high profile participation in the first reality show made in Brazil (Big Brother Brazil), he leveraged the spike in his notoriety from the show to release an album exclusively through magazine stands. Though completely unorthodox, it worked – and he sold more than a million albums!

Shortly thereafter, he produced and curated a Bob Gruen Photography Exposition in Brazil for the public at FAAP University.

He continued his television career starring on shows such as: Brothers, he was a judge on American Idol, Break Out, Brothers Na Gringa, MTV’s Papito in Love, and in multiple movies and soap operas, establishing himself as one of the most famous personalities in Brazil.

When the venues and typical festivals were curtailed during the pandemic, he again reinvented himself by tapping into the outrageously wild personality that he had always been known for – which saw him become one of the most high profile influencers with the younger generations. Supla’s direct personality and straightforward attitude was magnetic to them.

His instagram became very popular for the kids with opinions, especially those that love passionate music. This cross generational appeal has led him to represent such icons brands as Santos FC and Doritos, along with other youth targeted products.

Supla is currently on tour promoting his new album SuplaEgo, when he not working in the studio, or making updates for his fanbase.

Recently, Supla wrapped the SuplaEgo Tour, and is planning on releasing two albums in 2023. 
The first will be the latest rock album from Supla, performed by Supla & The Boutique Punks, featuring energetic songs like, The Truth Is Going To Tell, or songs with critical themes woven into their melodies like, Who Do You Want To Be Today, and the driving romantic song, I’m Not A Poet. The album will be released in April – with a limited vinyl album pressing – as well as all standard media platforms. Supla & The Boutique Punks will be on tour soon after. 
The second album will Tropical Snowdream by The Brothers of Brazil, a longtime collaboration with his brother, Joao Suplicy, to deliver more of the eclectic mix of punk fueled bossa nova known as their unique brand of punka nova. This album will feature a special track they wrote with Pete Douherty (The Libertines). 
Supla will be touring internationally throughout 2023. Check in to find out if he might be coming to your city this year.  

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